Sunday, 5 August 2012

Free materials!

It's really not a freebee that I am giving away. It's what is free - air and space. When one considers choosing materials to pick when one designs a new piece of jewellery, it is always the metal, the stones, the fabric. Why not include "air" as one of them? It increases your degree of design freedom, and adds another item to your design itinerary. Does this seem unusual, or do we just take it for granted? Let me explain.

Air, space, light: very important considerations for me when I design jewellery. My current designs feature the use of wire coils. After I have chosen the colours to coil, and made the coils, I have a workbench writhing with floppy multi-coloured wormlike structures. Not quite springs, but they do roll about with a mind of their own, until they are contained.

Coiled wire 
Granted, they look like solid pieces in the photo above, but once manipulated, shaped and finished, I would have used the captured air, space and light to advantage. The design is then lighter (in mass) than expected, adds illumination, and fills the space.

Silver cuff bracelet
For the customer, the article is priced ethically, by including time to make, mass and cost of materials. For the size in volume, the mass is less, so overall,  the customer gets more for less!

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