Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Wendy McLean Jewellery in London!

Wendy McLean Jewellery will debut in London from this Friday, 13 December 2013 till sunday, 15 December 2013, at the UK Handmade Christmas Show. The Show is at the O2 Arena, and will be open from 13:00 - 20:30 each day, with a 12:00 start on Saturday.

This quite exciting for me (Wendy) as it will challenge so many aspects of my life. Firstly, there's the long car travel to London (+ 2 hours; yes, long for the UK).  Negotiating the traffic, with a heavy reliance on GPS technology, with backup hardcopy maps, should be a doddle. Then the setting up in a huge venue. I have packed in extra thermal wear … keeping warm is important. Oh, and the thermos flask. Can't forget that. This reminds me of a camping trip. Setting off on the long journey, finding the camping site (the O2 Arena), finding my spot, stand 566, putting up the tent (my displays), and finding food, all in that order.

The most exciting bit will be setting up the stand for you, my lovely customers and followers. The stand outlay flows from left to right. The neutral backdrop is sprinkled with colours from both the coloured coiled wire designs and colourful gemstones. There are many sterling silver pieces too - in particular some elegant gemstone earrings : tanzanite, lapis lazuli, red coral, turquoise, amethysts, to name a few. Also, many new wire weaves, featuring my brand new creations, never before seen in London or south of Lincolnshire. You might notice the little token Christmas tree, indicating that this is the Season to buy something special for someone special (like yourself, or someone you know).  A card machine is also available, so really no excuses. If you like it, buy it!

Examples of the new Delphine range are scattered all over the exhibit. 
Delphine is the range of unique and limited edition jewellery designs by Wendy McLean. The symbol is the Greek capital letter delta and symbolises the Delphine range. The name Delphine has origins to describe women from Delphi, the site of the Greek Delphic Oracle. The name also relates to the womb, with the ancient Greeks believing Delphi was the womb of the earth. The name Delphine is associated with independence, assertiveness, creativity and pertains to leaders not followers. The name was aptly chosen for unique independent women who want to stand out and be noticed.

I am looking forward to this new adventure - many people will now see my jewellery who have never seen it before, and I hope the experience will expand their own perceptions of jewellery designs that are possible. If you have read this blog and visited my stand , ask me for a 5.23% discount. That way, I'll know you've  read it, and you'll get the discount! 

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Wendy McLean Jewellery

Stand 566
O2 Arena, UK Handmade Christmas
13-15 December 2013
Afternoon / evening

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Christmas is near : see Wendy at the O2 in London!

My silence has been deafening, I know! Blogging is something which I would love to do more, however (excuses, excuses) choosing what to say is a thoughtful process. It sometimes takes a while to formulate!

This Christmas time I will be at the Handmade Christmas event at the O2 in London from 13 December (Friday) till 15 December (Sunday) 2013. I would love to see new clients at the event - and you can get to see my work and myself in person. I have also started keeping a magnifier on the stand to view details, which helps me (!) and you.

My signature designs feature colour, gemstones, wire coils and woven wire. If you enjoy adding matching jewellery colour to your wardrobe, many of my designs will suit. This necklace below was commissioned for a client and accurately colour matched to her outfit for a wedding. She was very pleased with the result. She now also has matching earrings and bracelet! 

I am really looking forward to the show. It will be the largest event I have yet joined as a designer /maker, and I hope the target market will be spot on. To be safe, I have been making many new pieces to suit every pocket. I have the "Festival" fun range which is great for Christmas party fun.  For fellow crafters, I will also sell a kit which teaches how to make a woven wire ring (see blog 10 ). 

The Delphine range will see its official debut - the Sterling Silver range. This range includes a number of statement necklaces, earrings and bracelets designed and handcrafted by myself. The whitest metal will be embellished with precious gemstones and high quality freshwater pearls. Colour in this range will be provided by the choice of gemstone, and occasionally oxidised silver. 

Another development over the last year is my new logo. Finally, I have a design which is great to use (from a design point of view), elegant and "me".  Turn me upside down, and you will still have "me"! 

Some of the latest work can be followed on my Facebook page  .  

Here is a recent photo of my jewellery stand. This one was taken at one of the Doddington Hall (near Lincoln) Craft shows. The stand layout at the O2 show (which you will hopefully be attending) will be similar, with a few new graphics and new work. 

You will be glad to know that I will be continuing my design blogs regarding new ideas and thoughts on ideas. More recently I have been counting … Fibonacci style! Yes, I have a new weaving technique design which developed based on the formula of the Fibonacci sequence. More on this later. 

Please plan your London trip for the week ending 13 - 15 December 2013, and go to the O2 for the  Handmade Christmas event, open from 1pm till 8:30 pm. I am at stand number 566, Wendy McLean, Jewellery. Hope to see you there! 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Weaving is in my DNA

The weaving of filaments is something I feel is in my DNA. If there is wire in the room, I will weave it. In fact this little obsession has exploded into a new realm and increased the design styles in my jewellery range. This past year (November '12 – July '13) I have not blogged due to many distractions. But I have been very busy!

So what is new?

Lots of wire weaving! Combinations of classic Viking knit necklaces and my take on coiled wire braiding with pearls, featuring my new easy-to-use clasps. 

A bicolour viking knit design pendant.

A new weave featuring inset gemstones in this cuff bracelet. 

Pleochroic coiled wire 5-stranded braided necklaces. Shown is a commissioned piece. 

Yes, the work is intensive and time consuming. I like the results. With each new style comes a snowball of new ideas. I don't have enough hands to try out each one! So the ideas are placed in the “Design folder”. Only hard copies, and locked in the safe.

Taking the plunge to create even more daring designs is always imminent. And sometimes I do. What do you think about this statement necklace in sterling silver?

I guess if you viewed my work objectively a conclusion emerges. Yes, clearly my wire weaving work could be in my DNA – having evolved over time. What weaving evolutions will the future bring?

Please visit and like my Facebook page. Alternatively, send me a message from my website, www.designbywendy.co.uk. If you would like to commission or buy my jewellery please send an email through the website. Thank you.