Sunday, 18 August 2013

Weaving is in my DNA

The weaving of filaments is something I feel is in my DNA. If there is wire in the room, I will weave it. In fact this little obsession has exploded into a new realm and increased the design styles in my jewellery range. This past year (November '12 – July '13) I have not blogged due to many distractions. But I have been very busy!

So what is new?

Lots of wire weaving! Combinations of classic Viking knit necklaces and my take on coiled wire braiding with pearls, featuring my new easy-to-use clasps. 

A bicolour viking knit design pendant.

A new weave featuring inset gemstones in this cuff bracelet. 

Pleochroic coiled wire 5-stranded braided necklaces. Shown is a commissioned piece. 

Yes, the work is intensive and time consuming. I like the results. With each new style comes a snowball of new ideas. I don't have enough hands to try out each one! So the ideas are placed in the “Design folder”. Only hard copies, and locked in the safe.

Taking the plunge to create even more daring designs is always imminent. And sometimes I do. What do you think about this statement necklace in sterling silver?

I guess if you viewed my work objectively a conclusion emerges. Yes, clearly my wire weaving work could be in my DNA – having evolved over time. What weaving evolutions will the future bring?

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